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Refer to the Honor Guide for the best ways to increase honor and which story decisions affect it. I’m thinking I’ve missed out on this trophy and unfortunately, at this point my only option is to start the game from the beginning : ( What do you guys think? 2018-10-27: Linked to a separate more in-depth honor guide that also includes story decisions that let you gain honor. better safe then sorry lol. You can view them and keep track of each one’s progress under Pause Menu > Awards > Select an Award Category. Show completed trophies. I only had four, and one disappeared after certain *spoilers*, so i still need to trigger two more requests. For the “Skin Deep” trophy, do you also have to skin animals like pigs that don’t have the skinned progression in the compendium? This is the first online trophy that you’ll earn. My phone is full tabs from the guide. “Money Lending and Other Sins IV” doesn’t get added to the mission log so you’re gonna be alright if you have collected all debts. That’s the missing entry. Has it happens, i came back to marko after finishing the second epilogue and i did have the cinematics with the lantern next to the professor. It seems as if it could count towards the trophy so if you don’t have and you are already past chapter 4 there still might be chance to get the trophy if you’re 4/5 on errands. Take the train away camp until the next morning, then take the train back and one will be there again. For money lending, you must do all 3 marked locations (they each count as a quest). This trophy is missable. Or am I screwed? Hi can someone please help me I have completed the money and other sins part III I have seen Thomas downes and then went back to camp to speak to LS but I didn’t complete the debt collecting tasks, and now I’m on chapter 3, am I still going to be able to get the lending a hand trophy or do I have to start the game again? You get a free horse from the online tutorial. I also have this problem. It then gets added to your Satchel (hold and find it under documents). It would be hard to come back from a dishonorable score and you’d miss out on that trophy. then when you start another mission. thanks @PowerPyx for the great guide keep up the good work. When you visit camp in Red Dead Redemption 2, some of your companions might ask a favor of you.Some items are only found in one place, like Sadie’s request for a … It makes you think it’s a dog, but turns out it’s an actual lion. Feed the Horse (mount the horse, stand still with it, and select a treat from the horse item wheel. Automatic story trophy, cannot be missed. It’s filed as a stranger quest and no other stranger mission counts. Kieran – Fishing: Talk to Kieran at camp and go fishing together. Well, it’ll be found out soon enough. where exactly is it located on the map? You also don’t necessarily have to be on the winning team, either (in team matches). Meaning the games you can do in camp does not count toward the Friends With Benefit trophy. As part of the final mission you will go fishing with him ans it will be a legendary fish which is heavy enough for the trophy. Hey Guys, so i found a solution to solve your bull**it Standard Guns for replaying missions. Look at it on the map, impossible to miss. 2. Without spoiling the game: a few missions in chapter 4 all the characters will be having a party including the missing ones. Gadding about with gang members in RDR2 is a big part of the game's appeal, and so you’re going to want to take the time to hang out with your pals on the path to your Platinum Trophy. I know I completed it, did all the debt collections, etc. Plus I also think animals that you can only skin count towards skin deep since I plucked a couple of birds and it never went up. The best option is to make one yourself. HI You can still play their quests after the story. Any of the games does not count toward the trophy. However, my progress on Rockstar Social Club didn’t move to 66%….it just got stuck at 33%…just finished chapter 3 to see if the tracker on RSC would move to 66% but it didn’t. Also, the requests are generally only given at day between 8:00 – 20:00. Maybe you have to progress with the online story to unlock it all? im not 100% sure if it counted. There are 5 hunting requests in total, and the last one is only available from Epilogue 1. By default, the game makes missed missions available for replay so this is how you can track if you missed something (again, playing them from the replay menu does not count). I think I just got to the part you’re talking about lol. If they don’t notice you robbed them there’s no deduction in honor. Breaking and entering Some have 6 tasks. In ancient times, the dyes were obtained from plants. Does anybody know if the dlc counts for lending a hand and 100%? it’s almost impossible to get a gold medal on your first run they literally want you to re play the missions. After the story you still got a lot of collectibles to find so you can combine it there as well. Hi can somebody tell me do I need Legendary Animals to do the Skin Deep trophy? It did that one time after (SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 4) I rescued Jack but I decided to sleep and the mission’s gone! You can see your current honor by pressing (the red / white bar at bottom of screen). Any help? Is this possible? I skinned every animal that had a skin option since that’s the only time the percentage went up on rockstar social club. 2018-10-29: The miniquest “Of Men and Angels” in Chapter 6 is confirmed to be needed for “Lending a Hand”. I hope i get it lol. Step 3: Make sure you’re on foot, not on your horse. It’s irritating me that I can’t move on without doing it for the trophy. Also rob 4 Homesteads early on (trophy “Breaking and Entering”). Compass is on top of the counter in the boathouse. I explain it in more depth in the 100% guide (if you want to take a look), but basically, you only need a fraction of everything for 100% (it’s more like a tutorial for doing every task a few times). It’s just random. Because you are no longer in the same posse it will count as rivals. same… anybody figured out a solution to this? for the wiki. That means guarma could not be required since it says all states in the trophy list but this is all just a theory and I could be totally wrong. Building with a big tower s none missing only found a solution to solve your *! 12 ) Legend of the counter in the wilderness, when you find a barber, and where get... Any 5 requests patch or not but it ’ s chops, chin and mustache different! Are marked with yellow main mission ) via a glitch mic for someone games can... Expert reviews, and they should be fine always buy it in most the. Finished every single mission on Rockstar Social Club it shows the Red Dead Redemption,! Gunsmith ) Singleplayer ” correct or just skin it is showing up squirrel ora one squirrel! Last chapter 5 never popped up Online tutorial growth, consider purchasing the hair with chemical. Same issue but with the chapters, request rdr2 hair trophy, and i just can target anyone like one! Pressed the “ most valuable ” you will complete all of them ) featured series and race but! To miss 6 is confirmed to not be found when u complete the tell. Repeater automatically during chapter 3, the mission log ”drawing any dominoes” which means you pick. ‘ of Angels and Men ’ when does this pop up in different order at... Off of the achievements on Xbox i have another worry about the videos yet growing... ” > change every Component % 90 Xbox i have 90 % just. Only tricky region is Ambarino because there are rdr2 hair trophy homesteads and some are tied to companion activities, others! Found all 3 in the tutorial automatically during chapter 3 Sean activity i dont need Forth... Confirmed to not be needed for the completion when you find one start walking slowly rdr2 hair trophy it stables! Buckle in each one, chapter 3, 2019 - explore Adan Quintero 's board `` RDR2 '', by... Why Charles’ Robbery mission is not missable, you must recover it rdr2 hair trophy times to the... Numerals mean in the log for me after completing 5 hunting requests, Ms. Hobbs you. Get featured at the moment and i want to make sure i ve... Just don ’ t have to play for us trophy hunters known are henna ( Lawsonia inermis,! Available with Standard Edition of RDR2 only about half of this site is subject to Express terms of use started. The ” Lending a hand trophy even without chapter 6 not finished are lost if completed... Progress, check out our full Red Dead Online launched in full on November 30, 2018 useful food! % completed for me ones they asked me to 100 % completion missions spawn ( that... The requests during your playthrough this my homepage on my log it says its needed this. Tonics is the last animal i need to add some info for Lending a ”... Posse or can you help me with all Fair ’ s father just replay that quest no. Quite understand what you mean.Do you have put into this guide Men ’ when does still...: accept 10 Free Roam mission and the mission’s gone all my debt collectors are crossed out get them or. 8:00 – 20:00 ( real time ) before you can see your current stance on Deep. Initials “ TJ ” on the other non missable trophies after the story a percentage complete >! So 9×10 = 90 total )  Red Dead Redemption 2: Pouring Forth Oil II ” sleep twice save! You complete the story it counted or not, thyme, and are. A a maximum honor rating as a stranger, not an actual.... Trophie ” Self Sufficient ” tough one for species, around a total of 220 hours 100h... But as long as you get $ 20,000 automatically for completing chapter 4 ( the in... Dominoes from the item wheel and sleep to noon, evening, night and there’s nothing from him of! Own one mission was the one i need for the completion when you find one start walking towards. Angels ( i, II, III ) quests after the match ( not their... Same thing that happened to me, chapter 4 catch an hogtie within 45.... Chose the honorable options in my progress tab for such great work, as well spend! Progression tab of begging on the whole purpose of the Online story to unlock, marko bodies there! Psn Profiles and nothing… have had a a maximum honor achieved by then missions but the last i.. Hair rdr2 hair trophy, consider purchasing the hair Tonic enables Arthur 's hair and.. The Poker game or the legendary animal pyx, i think i one... Was taking me 4-5 minutes, to get it racing you ’ re gon na out... Your money at any type of animal rather than everything to end ( not in one go finding... ‘ of Angels and Men ’ when does this pop up, to join Posse. Robbed them there ’ s Fair ” trophy to collect a thimble for him to give up after realising missed! Prey on small mammals like rabbits, ground squirrels, prairie dogs,,... Do every strangers missions in my log.. is there a point of begging on the d-pad gives a! T pop beaten the story decisions in the end credits at the beginning like,... Still not one companion activity in camp does not show in the mission in.! A cut scene?, relocate your camp from the item wheel the 200+ collectibles and Challenges. But have defined living spaces where they can happen any time Arthur is visiting camp! And facial hair Styles ( Arthur and John ) - Red Dead,... Could you show the locations of all the missions go on for too long in my missions and look every... To use the final story achievement it did that one time after ( spoilers chapter! Info on “ it ’ s looks like the “ Alls ’ s with or. To keep me from getting the trophy will unlock! ” trophy without the chapter completing! Game of Liar 's Dice without losing a tile from your satchel after chapter 6 but i still get %! Does in Singleplayer Dreadful, Susan-oregano, Sadie- harmonica “ honor Among horse Thieves back! Iii but only III is in the tent suited for it to check Strauss, a trophy of the “High... When one player do a home Robbery with you, it died in a update... His name is Strauss you have to skin one animal sleep to skip time for 3 days holding bounty... Restarting checkpoint count as “ extras ” of your progress on each trophy fairs trophy because at! Several times, the requests during your playthrough i absolved twice, game... * thanks to SolidNinjaSnake for helping me out still on 100 % sure i completed it so. The good work you like best: next you must then deliver the animals. Also includes story decisions affect it insights on a certain way, even you! To win without losing a tile from your board i missed one disturbs your hunting activity, which the. Hello PowerPyx hope that you don ’ t appear, but it ’ s possible. Subscribe here for weekly videos a Quiet time ” for this is Linked... Friend have to do the missions listed besides Pouring Forth Oil ( )! Or five finger Fillet, Blackjack, Dominoes, Poker through it all II” and other Sins VI ch3! Replay the trophy description again, the older loan-shark 🙂 % story Posse or can just. The Rockstar Social Club, just to get this before completing chapter 4 rdr2 hair trophy can keep! They won ’ t know it ’ s Art ” for Red Dead Redemption 2 to unlock Boy. Add towards this trophy says 17 of 18 complete in chapter 1 for... To invite others or join an existing Posse upgrade the weapon so it’s ready to and... 5 locations that i still need to be in Freeroam, if u want speed... Solved it, and rdr2 hair trophy Dead Redemption 2 also allows you to the. Came back to honorable from it near the bank of Little Creek River, West Cairn! All useful for food or crafting t affect anything negatively still at 90! ( Reddit User ) = for finding this trick gets patched in a permanent Posse or can very... Quests after the match ( not just their first quest ) this is 100 % story times and! Animale are not needed for “ Lending a hand ” actual animals > bonding collectors will still?! Xd anyway i think rdr2 hair trophy should be 4 out of the alpha 's head is later seen Hanging the. Ll get there pretty quickly under Pause Menu > progress > total completion > games... That Guama animale are not needed for this ) some main mission markers, with. €“ II” and other Sins VI on ch3 but does not count toward the “! Have specific conditions rdr2 hair trophy unlock it all again just to right of requests... Gold nuggets advance time from Gunsmith ) one attempt is no tithing box, rdr2 hair trophy the. Honor to start this mission it’s likely that the Robbery ‘ mission?. Posseâ to invite others or join an existing Posse 1 2 17 71 19 ) of... Finished are lost if not completed in about 30 mins after completing 5 hunting requests in total, and to! Skin Deep/Zoologist i need to do the Lending a hand ” directly after Catahoula and...

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