portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working

I need to replace 4 broken Portolio globes 00901. One question after another. The installer placed the pole too far into the ground and only has about 4 feet of the post above ground. I bought & installed 6 solar LED #0688463 path lights 3 days ago. If that doesn't work, the sensor may be bad. you really realize what you are talking approximately! You supply them in your kits, so I know you have them. 0 0. This app will allow you create virtual devices…either a momentary tile, a virtual motion detector or an “Alexa Switch” which is ‘stateless’ (meaning if you send an ON command to it while it is on, it will still allow ON to pass through to other apps. They invariably cracked due to the bulb heat. Did you ever find the globe you were looking for? i am looking for glass shades for a Portfolio lamp post Model GL23407bk. Email Save Comment 4. The security light comes on when the current from the photocell falls below a certain level, indicating that the photocell is not receiving much light. The portfolio website is poor at best! When changing the bulb, I cracked the inner ring needed to secure the globe. The Defiant Dusk to Dawn Screw-In Light Control offers a measure of safety, security and convenience by automatically turning your light on at dusk and off at dawn with its photocell sensor. I purchased a Portfolio outdoor lamp post model#s40193/40194/40195/40226. Relevance. Recently I have to push the reset button every 2 hours for the lights to come on, no matter which position it is set to, On or Auto/dusk-dawn. When we tried to put it on the next day it would not light. We are a non-profit organisation which is involved in numerous welfare and social responsibility schemes in the muslim community. and finally, go back to the Alexa routine that you created in step two, and change it so that it triggers based on the virtual sensor that you created in step four. Turn the switch on and check your lights. I’m now looking for a globe for the E206656 outdoor light. They are LED solar torches #0388185. to look up parts or just a phone number to call? Portfolio 8pc Low Voltage Landscape Light Kit-EA. All working. This small one inch diameter circular ring is impossible to glue back together. Starting with how to use a neon tester to confirm that electrical power is off before touching electrical wires, we continue with a list of things to check if your outdoor light won't turn on. Please advise where I can buy replacement batteries. Wiring and Testing Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Light Fixtures Electrical Question: I just installed a 150w dusk to dawn light fixture and it wont light up. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Best Selling. Everything worked fine up until a week ago. Call Portfolio at 1-800-643-0067. for pricing and availability. $22.50. I need the glass for Portfolio #0693981 this website is near impossilble to follow as I can’t find anything. It is the cable that will turn your lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Benefits Of Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulbs. I am looking for replacement frosted plastic lens for the low voltage lights after a period of time they get brittle and shatter. they look great, until my lawn guy breaks off one of the stakes. I will never spend my money on this brand again. if the light comes on, replace the sensor. Fortunately though, you don’t need to worry too much about it getting spoiled because it may just need a quick reset. Tonight, the lights did come on again, after several minutes of going through the settings, A, 0, back to 4, lights finally came back on and seem to be working fine now. Who built this crappy website anyway!! I am having a difficult time finding a replacement rechargeable battery. Why. So do all of the steps in exactly the order shown, even if you think you have already done some of them. More tightly connected to the photocell. A lot of them also accompany motion detectors too, in order that they can detect if there’s someone within the vicinity. This year, I bought a Portfolio 120 watt power pack Model# 0092091 assuming that it would be able to power all the lights. ), Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people One works fine, and the other works for 30 seconds and shuts off for 30 seconds. Jim Jarnagin The security light comes on when the current from the photocell falls below a certain level, indicating that the photocell is not receiving much light. After installation both worked just fine. 4.7 out of 5 stars 10. Finally, as most of the interior, less is more. One was cracked and in pieces. Therefore I will start buying another brand of lighting for the houses that I build. Thanks for sharing your experience with the TodaysHomeowner.com community, Michael! You do not want your garden looks like a parking lot. Have 2 outdoor sensor lights, HB-4190 series. It is not possible to add the lights directly to SmartThings. Photocells used in outdoor security lighting switch the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. I wouldd like to purchase 1 more for an outdoor wall-needs to be the same. COMMERCIAL DUSK TO DAWN LIGHT CONTROL WITH WEATHERPROOF FACEPLATE included. I have replaced batteries and they light up for one night then go out. How can I get ahold of some older model stakes? I bought 2 solar LED’s by Portfolio #0329346 (Lowe’s) and the caps at the end of the battery compartment were missing on both lights. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Is there an extension piece that I can purchase and extend the height of the pole? E206656 I am looking for a replacement part for a lamp post we got around 8-10 years ago. I put the setting back on 4, and after a few seconds the lights came on again and stayed on 4 hours. Use a wide variety of fixtures to light your garden, it will enhance the character and charm to your home. Was your kit new? There are three common ways to use dusk to dawn light fixtures at home. Can I use 12W bulbs? Have you found a solution? Dusk to Dawn Sensor Light Bulbs, A19 12W (100W Equivalent) LED Auto On Off Light Bulbs, 1200 Lumens, E26 Base, Daylight White 5000K Smart Sensor Lights Outdoor Indoor for Porch Garage Yard, 4-Pack. The second step, leave it off for about a second. Amazon.com : Portfolio Outdoor Universal Dusk-to-Dawn replacement Sensor 40800 : ... We work hard to protect your security and privacy. I love this community…nice, helpful people everywhere! This website stinks!!! The power pack only works in the On position. The lights have worked great for several weeks. ? 25 Responses to “How do Dusk-to-Dawn Photocells Work?” Warren • March 8, 2019 at 11:50 am # With dusk to dawn switch fixture comes on at dusk 2 or 3 nights and then will not come on 2-3 nights. I’m in need of one too. If so, set up your piston to do everything you want, but have the end result be that it turn on a virtual switch instead of the actual light. Share this Story: The bulb has a light sensor built into the base of the bulb. Purchase three LED Solar Landscape lights from Lowes this week, none work.. Please plug in the Light. Trasmitting Fiber”. I have 120 volts in the bulb socket, but the light will not light up. When you use anything to turn on the switch, including smartlighting or a webcore piston, the sensor will look like it opened. I don’t want to replace the whole lamp. Have lights in dusk to dawn mode. Premier • March 8, 2019 at 11:57 am # The sensor could be defective or not installed correctly. The community FAQ will walk you through the exact steps to create that virtual device and use it in an Amazon routine. Portfolio Outdoor Universal Dusk-to-Dawn Replacement Sensor Light Sensor 0304434. I’m tired of paying $20 for a light fixture when all I need is one small part!! Solar lights don’t work during day time, in order to check them during day time you need to simulate darkness. There is a set of very specific steps that have to be done in a particular order. I have not received a response. Lastly, flip the light switch back on. Contacted Portfolio’s parts company and they no longer stock them despite the fact that I only bought them in June from Loew’s. Now one light will not work in the dusk to dawn … Why no user manuals on this site? Too bad. Is it safe to assume that the system is shorting out? Portfolio 60-Watt 12-Volt Multi-Tap Landscape Lighting Transformer with Digital Timer with Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor. The lights are #0306431. A lot of them also accompany motion detectors too, in order that they can detect if there’s someone within the vicinity. You can stop by http://www.thediyguy.net/2013/02/how-to-install-a-dusk-to-dawn-sensor-light-control-or-photo-cell-into-your-lighting-fixture/ . The right exterior lighting draws attention to different parts of your home’s exterior, not the entire surface. The motion sensor must send a command for that node for it to have a value. Great welcome light for the few months during the holidays or year-round at your home. After a lengthy search, I tried again last week and was told they didn’t have them. In conjunction with leaving your light switch on the ON position, dusk to dawn LED light bulbs will turn ON and OFF when the sun comes up and goes down. Free shipping. Whatever logic you set up, when smartthings turns the virtual switch on, The associated virtual contact sensor will open and your Alexa routine will turn on your Lohas light. Does anyone respond to this page of questions (have not received anything in my email either)? Currently, it takes more than one person, as one person is needed to hold in all the pieces of glass when the bottom is removed to reach the bulb. Copyright © Portfolio Outdoor Lighting | Blog | Disclaimer | About | Contact | Terms & Conditions | Privacy | Site Map, This is text and you can add what ever you want here. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. I purchased outdoor ground mounted up lighting from floods. To trouble shoot the issue first check that the light sensor is able to receive enough light to activate the sensor. for pricing and availability. It is not possible to add the lights directly to SmartThings. Salesperon told me to contact manufacturer – that you may have parts. This is a very effective area to add an optin box :), Home Lighting Modern | Home Decoration,Home Design, Frequently Outdoor Lighting Mistakes and Their Solutions, Sea Gull Lighting 44377-839 Bath Bar, Cafe Tint Glass Shades and Blacksmith, 4-Light, Capitol Lighting Is Packed Along With Skip Colors, Nuvo Lighting 60/491 Polaris Flush Mount With White Opal Glass Shade, Brushed Nickel, Brighten Your Home With Outdoor Lighting Landcape, Hinkley Lighting 1507QC Low Voltage Cable Quick Connect 1-Inch Wide 3/4-Inch Height 2-Inch Length, Black, 96 Ultra Bright Wide Angle LEDs Housed in Two 15 Inch and Two 9 Inch Tubes, 7 Solid Color Options Featuring Blue Red, Green, White, Yellow, and Aqua, Multiple Other Modes Available Including Strobing, Fading, and Chasing Effects, Easy to Use Control Box and All Mounting Hardware Included, One Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support Included. Light will flow less harshly. Item #903151. shut down. 455 Pepper Dr. Tehachapi, Ca. It absolutely needs a SUPPORT area to help customers with issues and to reduce returns! While virtual devices are rather easy to create in the IDE, sometimes you are not near a computer and only have your mobile device with your SmartThings app. I do not use that and cannot advise you there. Portfolio Outdoor Post Dusk to Dawn Replacement Photo Eye Cell Sensor #0304435. Don’t waste your time, just switch to other brands. This should prevent extraneous light from ‘tripping’ the dusk-to-dawn sensor (D). Not sure if I want to buy the bigger transformer, or just remove all and go with another brand. Is there another phone # I can call? If the lights are controlled by a timer, the timer may become out of sync due to Daylight Savings or other reasons. Good thing you were able to assist each other, but, heck, this isn’t Microsoft. 8 years ago. mine came with 75ft and i need about another 20 (not adding more lights, just wire length). Motion sensor security lighting uses a motion sensor and a photocell to operate your exterior light for a predetermined amount of time once motion is detected. Reply. [email protected], I have 4 broken lamp lens, Landscape type pathway lights Produce # 0098920 / Model: 00860. Your outdoor sensor lights are not working or they seem less sensitive than usual. So I took those to back to Lowe’s. Through their WEB site, I tried to contact them, but no one returns my calls (I can find no E-mail address either.). Brass plated base; Fused plug (5A - small size) This four piece kit includes 96 LEDs housed in two 9 inch and two 15 inch tubes that provide soft yet colorful ambient lighting for your home theatre system. Agreed! – I have a 300 Watt transformer that lights go on and out constantly. Dusk to Dawn setting is not available in your current Light Firmware (.25), so you need to give it some time to update itself to latest Firmware during the daily 12 pm - 2 pm automatic window. This results in maintenance-free energy efficiency in addition to providing the security of having lights on in the evening to deter intruders. I had three of the Tiffany-style glass flower shades stolen out of my yard and would like to get them replaced. Thanks It’s called planned obsolescence. and the are hanging light if that helps. Help. But after turning the lights on and off a few times it corrects the problem. Unfortunately my dog ran through them las week and knocked one of the fixture of the stake. A photocell is sensitive to light and converts light that falls on its surface to electrical current. I understand I should now be able to create a virtual switch/sensor (not sure which) in the ST IDE, I can manage this if I knew which. The lights came on. Portfolio Outdoor Post Dusk to Dawn Replacement Photo Eye Cell Sensor #0304435. Created a virtual switch. This company looks like it has lousy customer service! Joined: Sep 2, 2004 Occupation: Retired Systems engineer for defense industry. I just bought portfolio landscape lights kit #00746 (12 light kit )at lowes and want to change the bulbs to LEDS and was told by lowes I could but can not find the bulbs any where .I need 40 bulbs because I bought 4 of the kits .I looked on ebay but all the bulbs say dc instead of ac transformer .I did find 1 type that said they fit portfolio and he is in Canada. Any suggestions , please . I need to get some replacement parts for my outdoor lighting .Do you have a website unfortunally I can’t find them anywhere. I had this unit for five years and it was working fine until now. Now we have to hook those two together. This will prevent the dusk-to-dawn sensor (D) from controlling the ON/OFF function, and should allow you to control the fixture (A) with the wall switch. They have a threaded top for the fixture to attach to. I installed a 14 piece Portfolio landscape lighting when I turn them on they automatically go off within 5 seconds. I have two Lights model #40182-PW. Are these sockets available for separate purchase?? The fixture is large and a rust color. The light would only come on when the light switch is flipped. Can a dusk to dawn light fixture be configured so the dusk to dawn feature does not work. In many cases, a reset will have your lights working like new again. I replaced the power pack and the same on and off problem exists. I swapped the transformers, and still have the same problem with the string of lights. Switching to other brands is unfortunately our only recourse. So, if you use a virtual device yo…. When you turn off the switch, the sensor will look like it closed. They have been good since. Location: New England. The documentation is here: http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Alexa_Virtual_Device_Creator One other thing to consider is if one of the lights (that is on all the time) is shining on the sensor...it could be telling the sensor to shut off! We need at least 5 of them. Be careful to balance your home exterior lighting. Can I get a replacement for them? Portfolio Outdoor lighting (sold at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores) has a Customer Service Department where you can order parts. Thank you, Darbie LaFontain. Did you ever find a solution? I need to order a Diffuser for ITEM # 0104292. Dusk-to-dawn lighting uses a light sensing photocell to operate your outdoor lights during dark hours. I am looking for a solar lights (set of 2) purchased at Lowe’s 2012. Set up an automation in Smart Lighting to turn switch on dusk till dawn when motion starts and to turn off when motion stops with duration 1 minute. Compare; Find My Store. Very frustrating trying to work with this company. They have power, number is on when lights are off. Thanks. I do not want to just throw away as they were quiet expensive. I had issues with the globes way back when. I am looking for the globes for portfolio outdoor wall lantern item #247199. the Item # is E206656 or Lowes Item # 247199. Good thing you were able to assist each other, but, heck, this isn’t Microsoft. Compare; Find My Store. Trending at $9.97. Yes, one end plugs into the transformer, the other end needs to be somewhere that will pick up light & dark. Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement globe for a Portfolio E206656 I purchased at Lowe’s probably 5 years ago. I have the same dusk-to-dawn light bulb and here’s a tip that worked for me: While the bulb doesn’t always turn off, I can switch off the light in the morning, wait about 10 seconds, and switch it on again to acclimate it to the ‘dawn.’ Then it doesn’t turn on again until dusk. Similarly, when dawn arises, the light bulb will turn itself OFF. I recently purchased a 300 watt transformer. This would depend on the particular model light that you have. THere is no actual switch, just the dusk dawn sensor. I would appreciate hearing from you. After an hour of troubleshooting to resolve the issue, back it goes…I will try getting a good unit one more time. The original kit came with 4 lamps and a 40 watt power supply. Debbie McPeak looking for a globe for her wall mount oval light. You might look into IFTTT. Can I put the transformer into continuous mode and control it with a timer – for the light relay will not work in the box. The prongs broke off. ... 1.0 out of 5 stars Does not work. Sometimes, dusk till dawn sensor light bulbs work with timers which permit them to show the facility on and off during specific times within the day. Can you send me a replacement? But there is no info on users guides, manuals, zip! Can someone tell me what the numbers (1-9) represent on the digital display? On a similar note, the lights are not exactly in the way or a neighboring farm, either. Can I turn off the motion sensor and just use the manual switch for on amd off. It can make your home appear institutional as opposed to personal. I have Echo devices, Lohas (Tuya) Lights and ST motion sensors. And have your 3rd party switch be the “if” and the switch part of the proxy be the “that.“ again you need one applet to turn the proxy on and another applet to turn the proxy off. Could you please help me locate this. Only have 2 left. We like the way it looks in our yard and it sheds the light we needed it for, however we can’t get the light to work again. If they are visible to Alexa, many options are possible. So if we could find the globes it would be much appreciated. If this is the case, review the original installation documents to confirm that the device has been wired properly and is correctly attached to the power source. ... Photo Cell for Power Pack Transformer Photosensor Remote Photo Electric Switch Dusk-to-Dawn Light Sensor Switch Works with Malibu Products 9920-9805-01. Thank you; Jeff McNeil Phone 301 722 5827. I keep having the controller fail on my portfolio 600w landscape transformer. To avoid such problems, look for lamps with glare guards. After installation both worked just fine. Reply. I’ve tried for 2 days to make this light work but I can’t do it. I am trying to buy some STAKES ONLY for Portfolio low voltage light 329384. I couldn’t get two of them to work. Could you please help? No problem, I thought, 3 wires and it should come with instructions. Can I return the photo eye cable? The numbers represent hours to stay on. I forgot I also have Alexa routine to turn off light after motion stops for duration 1 minute. See picture for lamp head bulb needed. Created a virtual switch. These lamps seem to be old stock that has sat on the shelf forever… not good. Further I will warn everyone I can of the difficulties I experienced with the Portfoli brand. I need a replacement Photo Eye cable (Part #0090573-E) for a 300W Transformer (Model #EE0001BK).

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