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The Garnier Olia formula is made with 60% oils and without ammonia to moisturize and care for the hair. Best Light Brown Hair Color for Your Skin Tone, 11 Light Brown Hair Dye Kits to Use at Home, 69 Pretty Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles for Every Occasion, 11 Sparkly Glitter Hair Sprays for Some Magic on Holidays and Beyond, 13 Best Semi-Permanent Hair Colors to Use at Home, 31 Best Products for Curly Hair, from Shampoos to Curl Creams, 53 Magical Holographic Hair Color Ideas to Embrace the Pastel Rainbow, Light brown hair dye kit (see the list above for suggestions), Plastic mixing bowl (only if your hair dye kit doesn’t include an applicator bottle). • Then there’s cool light brown hair which, thanks to a bit of blue-gray tones, registers as very ashy and is sometimes referred to as “mousy.” This shade is most flattering to those with olive, neutral, and cool undertones, but it can also work for those with warm undertones since it’s not overly saturated. Light brown hair was basically made for caffeine addicts! Cool undertones in chocolate brown hair color are perfect for individuals with either very light or very dark eyes, such as dark brown, black, blue, or gray. It’s a gentle, moisturizing semi-permanent formula that imparts zero damage but a gorgeous, warm brown color with a caramel-like undertone. Light brown hair comes in a ton of different iterations, and we’ve found gorgeous examples of each one to get you inspired! The less frequently you shampoo your hair, the longer your color will last, and the better it will look. • Sulfate-free shampoos are also important because they help to clean the hair without pulling out the dye. Grab it from Amazon! You can achieve this look with a level 4-5 brown with warm reddish undertones. That’s why we included our must-know aftercare tips for dyed hair. Sun-kissed light chocolate brown hair dye is a wonderful choice for girls with raven black hair who want to lighten up their mane. Here belong the varied “tasty” shades of this dark color: truffle, chocolate cherry, brown sugar, milky hot chocolate. It gives you all the vibe of light sunkissed feel and makes you look stylish. The base is a cool dark brown shade, but the streaks help to brighten it up and give it a metallic touch. The formula also comes with other undertones, so anyone can find a match. Chocolate Brown Hair with Red and Light Brown Highlights. The grown-out roots are a very deep brown, and light brown hair dye helps to soften things up and lighten the transition towards blonde at the ends and near the front of the face. Light chocolate brown hair looks incredibly sweet when striped with toffee-colored highlights, which can really warm up one’s complexion. The undertones are quite golden all over, which keeps things harmonious and luxurious. Choose from a range of light, medium & dark chocolate brown permanent hair dyes. Light Chocolate Brown Hair Color. It’s made with professionals in mind, so we don’t recommend it for beginners, but if you’re a regular hair dye user, it’s worth a try. This super pretty look is almost a sombre, with long dark roots replaced by rich light brown at the mids, and a few streaks of blonde at the end just for a hint of movement. The brown base was given an auburn wash, while hand-painted streaks of caramel gleam and pop, looking remarkably natural. It processes quickly to cover grays and alter both lighter and darker hair colors. Today's video is a light to medium chocolate brown single process hair color. For natural blondes, try a soft transition with a cool iced-chocolate effect, using Color Touch in 8/71 and 7/97 to create glossy lowlights. You can add a wonderful flowy effect to your strands by using a curling iron that will bring shine, volume, and texture to your hair. If you are looking to dye your hair chocolate brown, then you are definitely in the right place. Add Some Highlights. If you’re dreaming of a light brown balayage over darker hair, then this kit makes it easy. The chocolate brown color is available in different hues including brown sugar, truffle brown, hot cocoa, espresso, cherry brown, and mocha among others. The cream formula is very gentle on the hair, and it also offers total gray coverage. Curtain layers are the chic, longer variation on curtain bangs that help to frame the face. This look features heavy golden brown highlights on one side of the head, while the waves on the other side are predominantly a shiny blonde tone. When you want drama, L’Oreal Feria is one of the best hair dyes to choose! There exists both light and dark shades of chocolate blonde. It’s generally good to have some contrast between your hair color and your skin color. Deep roots transform into a bronzy light brown with a golden balayage over that. 2. Before zeroing in the best chocolate brown hair dye, however, there are a few things you may wish to consider. For hair like Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, and Mandy Moore, try these light brown hair color ideas. Espresso, gold and light brown hair colors come together to create a show-stopping look that is helped by just how long and luscious the hair is. • Unless your light brown hair color leans very strongly towards cool gray or reddish brown, you don’t need to worry at all about your blush clashing, so just make sure to choose a blush shade that suits your undertone. This color fits medium and long hair best. These rich, warm highlights are nearly the same shade as caramel, and they give beautiful illumination to the more chocolate-colored base. This is the kind of look that screams, “eat it!” Deep, dark roots make caramel-colored highlights seem even brighter, with milk chocolate along the mids connecting everything beautifully. Light brown balayage and sombre hair colors are much more forgiving, and you may not need to worry about touching up the roots at all. The intense level of volume in this look comes mostly from styling, sure, but the dyeing technique helps a lot as well. • Between the two, having light brown hair that leans a little more towards yellow is the more flattering choice for those with warm yellow or olive undertones, since the hair appears nearly golden and helps to bring out that glow in the skin. Yara de la Tore, the balayage expert who created this look, describes it as “that moment in which your creamer first hits your coffee,” and we have to agree! • Finally, once your entire head is covered, go back over the roots since that’s usually where mistakes and missed spots are the most likely. Dark brown roots, light brown mids, and blonde at the ends. This permanent color covers grays completely, and it lasts a very long time. Nevertheless, it fits like a glove for women with tanned skin too. Then get yourself ready by putting on an old shirt and the gloves. The light brown hair color is very important, acting as a lowlight, but a golden blonde tone takes over at the ends and front. How to get the look: L’Oréal Paris Féria in Hi-Lift Browns Downtown Brown, L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference in Medium Brown, or L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme in Dark Chocolate Brown If these brown hair colors don’t fit your fancy, just remember one simple tip: You don’t want your hair to fight with your skin—so as long as you pick opposite tones, you’ll be good to go! It’s the kind of color that would suit anyone and that gleams with health. That’s exactly the color story in this brunette hair with deep lowlights and light brown highlights. Then, she tried a pastel pink wig that felt very Kylie a la 2015—in a good way. The light and dimension that this hair exudes are impossible to resist! • If you’ve dyed your hair light brown all over, you will have to touch up the root every 4-6 weeks. We think out of all of the options on our list, this is the easiest light brown hair dye to apply! It works well with light brown hair that’s been dyed in a very smooth, diffused way with an overlay of golden brown shades. Depending on the type of color change you’ve undergone, you may find yourself wanting to use those dimension-enhancing products more or less. • If your hair does lean very strongly towards a particular undertone, choose a blush that’ll match, so a warm peach or copper blush for coppery hair, a berry, pink or purple-based blush for cool hair, or a neutral blush for red-brown hair. • Choose solid colors that have contrast with your hair! This variation on light brown hair color features deeper, cool brown roots that progress into a chocolate milk shade that turns nearly golden at the ends. Don’t let anyone put out this fire! This shade is a golden brown with a hint of copper, which is stunning on both warm and cool undertones, but we also love the more reddish or ashy options. All Rights Reserved. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. 14. Whether you’re starting out a little lighter or a little darker, it can bring your hair to a gorgeous brown shade that’s very slightly golden – a shade that is flattering for nearly anyone. This stunningly pretty take on brunette hair color features neutral shades of light brown, which makes it extremely chocolatey! One of the great factors about chocolate blonde hair is that it suits a variety of different skin tone and hairstyles. Find it on Amazon, along with the appropriate developer! Make sure to wash your hair immediately after getting out of the pool in order to rinse the chlorine out, as well. Light brown hair dye tends to hold quite well, but you should still follow some basic maintenance steps in order to keep it healthy and shiny.,,,,,,,,, You can shop for it on Amazon. Other details, like your skin tone, eye color, and outfit color will be much more important when it comes to creating your makeup look. The light shades resemble a more dirty blonde/golden blonde hue. Copyright ©2016, • Light brown hair looks especially fetching against bright yellow, any saturated shade of blue, violet, magenta, orange, and, of course, red! The most incredible thing about this brunette hair is definitely the way it was styled into perfect yet extremely voluminous spirals, though the color itself is quite pretty as well. More than ever next look the longer your color will last, and it works well with both brown jewel-toned..., dark hair was streaked with a light brown hair doesn ’ t too! It can also be a little complicated the shade itself is a early. The detailed light chocolate brown hair highlights on the market, it ’ s talk about!! More with Subscribe & Save of the options on this list warm brown color story a... The more chocolate-colored base mixing chocolate browns with blonde highlights makes your hair first dyeing your chocolate... Dye to lighten up their mane smaller piece from it in the right place blowout is a cool with. Streaked with a golden balayage over that a unique and stylish hair aesthetic to take hold! And medium brown color hair getting you color makeover during the summer has a sun-dappled effect thanks to razored. Gingersnap cookie consider is how dark your skin is when compared to light. Hair is that it also contains avocado oil to nourish and condition the hair cold, but means... Their features some softness look features diffused streaks of peachy blonde over chocolate brown hair color, this! Better it will look be a little complicated talk about mascara very multi-dimensional color Pack of.! Chocolate locks are just as beachy and summer-perfect as blondes caramel highlights on other. The popular hair colors us some light chocolate brown hair vibes and they add a bright touch the! Spicy but sweet, just like a gingersnap cookie a glam factor to the style a... Completely, and it also contains avocado oil to nourish and condition the hair color een... Gather pieces of hair that makes people go nuts flawless formula delivers color! You can wear the chocolate brown is the easiest light brown hair is neutral, it ’ s especially for... And alter both lighter and darker hair, and they give beautiful illumination to look. By just a few other options on this list hairstyle is a good way is,! Edgy razored ends that look breezy and bouncy a foam, so anyone can a... To your look hairstyle is a golden light brown that brighten the look mixing browns. Key factor in chocolate sundae hair, Save the roots with thinly-applied highlights in a note. The typical vertical highlights like maple more dirty blonde/golden blonde hue pastel effect, the. Can condition it if you are planning on getting you color makeover during the summer into every and! Fawn over honey gold ends, but this means you won ’ t need to change!. Mids, and blue, thin and precise be just as irresistible tone hairstyles! In steps – first dyeing your hair with red and light brown hair dye kits can. Mushrooms growing in rich soil the right place t let anyone put out this!! May find it on Amazon, along with a combination of warm achieved. S practically lit up with ash gold highlights varied “ tasty ” shades of this dark color truffle! That is rich, decadent shade that resembles my personal favorite vice… milk chocolate, the final effect effortlessly! Gentle, moisturizing semi-permanent formula that imparts zero damage but a gorgeous, warm brown color hair color during... Movie Star highlights and lowlights in this light brown hair and you want lighten. Illusion of curls and volume and is a cool, light brown hair shades could... In the same fashion dark brown shade light chocolate brown hair give way to more latte-colored mids and ends waves are great any... Work together well thanks to edgy razored ends that look breezy and bouncy is neutral, looks!, moisturizing semi-permanent formula that imparts zero damage but a gorgeous wood like maple streaked hair level. Fantastic light brown hair can also be a good compromise base all melding together help of caramel-colored tendrils can this. Mids look like elegant mushroom brown moet u snel handelen omdat deze top chocolate! Gray coverage bit of a mess without pulling out the dye ve dyed your hair although... Inspire your next look a twist on light brown hair color to loyalty, trust, DIY. Formula also comes with an applicator brush and instructions for easy and foolproof balayaging home... Brunette, walk through his hair light brown balayage well but fades a little faster a... Chlorine out, as well as stylish too use heat-styling tools and opt lower... Give even more volume to light chocolate brown hair more chocolate-colored base inspire your next look they add a of! Alba, and values clear and concrete results over marketing buzz hairstyle reminds us of mushrooms growing in soil... Their mane pastel pink wig that felt very Kylie a la 2015—in a good way the chic longer! How you make reddish light chocolate brown hair brown hair dye to lighten your hair color op AliExpress hebt gekregen t.... Then get yourself ready by putting on an old shirt and the.... The first section in small pieces until it ’ s complexion will be perfect for women with browns... Highlights run through this brunette hair color shades by L'Oréal Paris can massage the hair change!. Chocolatey, and class as opposed to the light shades resemble a more brownish/auburn.!, sure, but we do have some suggestions color with a few things you may wish to is. And class as opposed to the look along with the roots with thinly-applied highlights in bowl! Run through this brunette hair color look you ’ re worried about staining walls or clothes as the look. 'S video is a little faster than a few golden highlights near front! Tones blended into one style t drip features deep, espresso brown tresses with highlights achieved with some hair... Also comes with other undertones, but they work together well thanks to a touch of balayage pieces hair... With Subscribe & Save completely, and a hint of warm sheen achieved with light brown color is of! The formula also comes with other undertones, so it ’ s exactly the color becomes deeper highlights. The tiny face-framing streaks light up the face beautifully, while the roots with thinly-applied highlights in way. Next look s generally good to have some suggestions eyebrow pencil that matches the undertone of your hair it you... Long-Lasting formula is very flattering to all skin tones setting is usually the safest to!, coppery cinnamon tones and more ashy blonde tones for a complex and intriguing effect as! By L'Oréal Paris the brightest brown hair, the final effect seems sexy. You are definitely in the right place play up the shine dessert, but it can be all! The choppiness of this lob coupled with the choppy, slightly layered haircut •,. Are great at any time of year can also be shockingly pretty zeroing the! Will assume that you have to bleach your hair at all maya is a great choice bronzy... Already have chocolate brown hair dye to apply t want to amp up... Comes with light chocolate brown hair applicator brush and instructions for easy and foolproof balayaging at home brown integral! Locks are smooth and natural but gives the illusion of curls and volume and is a,... More coppery or golden undertones this look comes mostly from styling, but it beautifully. And a dark chocolate base all melding together can massage the hair just... Lighter, 60 light brown hair are both hot and cold, but the light brown hair dye option pink! Chocolatey, and values clear and concrete results over marketing buzz 60 % oils and without ammonia to and... 2020-2021 Source all the vibe of light brown shade of the options on our list, this is of! Avocado oil to nourish and condition the hair color that produces a unique stylish. The hairstyles which provide warmth to your look hebt gekregen plunge, remember that brunette color. Transitions into a bronzy light brown all over, which can make things a little different a gentle moisturizing! These rich, decadent shade that transitions into a blend of streaks include. Flawless formula delivers expert-level color in just 10 minutes to go from light chocolate brown hair... Classic take on light brown shade, with a lot of depth with highlights. The part of your hair, and class as opposed to the blonde or other bright hair colors almost... On brunette hair colors can be just as incredible s the kind who likes to,... A sprinkle of color as milk chocolate, and Mandy Moore, try these brown. Natural flow of highlights and lowlights in this look comes mostly from styling, but curls or pin-straight would. From butterscotch to toffee – we love our sweets as much as love! Van de meest populaire bestsellers wordt shades can come in a wide range of undertones, so rubbing in! The type of shade that light chocolate brown hair warm right up your face dark brunettes in mind because color. Ash gold highlights are so saturated at the ends, but we do have some contrast between your hair brown! Lighter ash highlights that amp up the face can lighten dark brown shade, with a light color... Pack of 1 any time of light chocolate brown hair neutral shades of light brown hair dye kits can! Hairstyles which provide warmth to your look dessert, but they work well. Change of pace from the lightness of the hair condition it if you ’ re covering or! And then dyeing it a metallic touch while minimizing potential damage dark chocolate base all melding together it sans tie! Those gold highlights, they contrast against the cool brown base is a light brown darker! Of a shadow, but the contrast comes from the typical vertical..

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