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Include a call to action. When a message goes unanswered or gets flagged as spam, salespeople don't feel the rejection, so there's nothing to prompt reflection. I saw that you recently posted a question on LinkedIn about how to achieve [business value] for your company. That’s why I thought you might be interested in finding out how we helped [similar company] get going quickly in their new direction – without any of the typical glitches. Here's a link to my calendar to make scheduling easier. Three to seven sentences max. Why should salespeople write? Can you provide any value to this person? If I confidentially shared some of my findings, would you be willing to give me feedback? Marketing automation software. Personalize your emails. I've interviewed hundreds of people with one foot out the door. Template: Hey Alex, I’m reaching out because I have several ideas for how you can bring in more leads and ultimately close more deals every month. When they like, comment on, or share something you wrote, start a dialogue by using a variation on the template below: Yesterday, you liked my article on LinkedIn Pulse. A prospect they've been trying to reach for a year now responded within an hour. Email Template #2: Business Development . I work with [him/her] for a company called [company name] that does [X, Y, and Z]. Use Statistics in Your Cold Email Template To Show Them They’re Not Alone. While I have no experience with hydrokinetic energy production, that didn't prevent me from making a valuable connection. But, compared to the overly sales-y prospecting email templates most salespeople are sending, I am confident that these will work better — or your money back. We've put together a collection of 100+ sales email templates and examples that you can use to close more deals. Prospecting emails are also sometimes referred to as "cold emails" if they're sent to a recipient the salesperson has never interacted with. Once you've completed market research, use it in your prospecting. Instead, make sure your email is helpful before asking your buyer for something. Not only do they know how your prospect buys things — they can make introductions. It's like flipping the bird to the TV — prospects can do it without fear or the guilt that comes from slamming a door in a salesperson's face. No doubt the email copy played a part, but so did the industry, the product, the price point, the location, and dozens of other factors. People have a natural tendency to want to help others. I got out to Loon last month. All of these approaches will work on the phone too. I've forwarded it to a few of my contacts who I think could benefit from your services. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, 'be67aa79-8dbe-4938-8256-fdf195247a9c', {}); But, compared to the overly sales-y prospecting email templates most salespeople are sending, I am confident that these will work better — or your money back. This could include being introduced by a referral, interacting with your prospect on social media or LinkedIn before sending them an email, or referencing they work or a business announcement as a reason for connecting. Research the prospect and their business, and have an idea of how you can help them before reaching out. Would you be willing to review it? Read why you shouldn't cold message people on LinkedIn anymore. The goal is to get a response, not to advance the sale or sort the interested from the uninterested. Therefore, email templates are the lingua franca of the modern SDR. For example, if you compliment someone, they'll be likely to respond with a, Before you send an email in the first place, consider picking up the phone instead. We have some market research that shows how companies allocate resources to different parts of the recruiting process. Do you have time in the near future? Would you be interested in meeting for coffee to talk about how we might be able to help each other? Grab prospects' attention with an interesting subject line. Salespeople should borrow this playbook. From looking at your impressive career advancement from salesperson to sales director in just five years, I'm guessing you have some really valuable advice. The last thing you want to do is get your referral partner fired. Our mutual contact, [referral partner], and I were having a conversation the other day about experts at [topic]. You might not get responses as quickly or frequently as you would like. In our pursuit of short term productivity, we've become addicted to the efficiency that technology provides. Only "in-market" prospects will respond to that call to action. If you'd like to join them, we'll make it easy for you. But, if you can evaluate it, do so and send them the results. As long as your 1st and 2nd-degree network consists of prospects, there is a chance they'll read what you post. Prospecting can be tough. Introduce yourself In your first email, always set the context and try to get a call or meeting set up. And answer 'Why you, why now' first and foremost. The REPLY Method For Cold Prospecting. @lesliezye. Your latest announcement this week about [news] got me thinking. They will probably answer their phone and as peers, they know and may empathize with your struggle. I look forward to seeing how you'll deploy your new resources to do it even faster. Judging from a quick LinkedIn search, I can see you're the guy who is probably making that happen. You were the person who came to their mind immediately. So don’t just prospect companies that fit in the vertical and size you typically sell to. Instead, start with the safe stuff like common personal interests. You have to hold off on that. The average cold email response rate is 1%. The goals of this email are simple: To showcase how awesome your company is (social proof) and recruit a new partner/customer/make a sale. I guarantee it will pay off in the long run. Do you think this reduces the effectiveness of your marketing? Just as important than whether the buyer is a good fit is whether there’s something that will compel them to buy. Prospecting emails and InMails need to feel distinct and individually relevant – but experience shows they are most effective when they follow one of five broad outlines. Your article about your marketing program was very well-written. your CEO) asked you to reach out to this company specifically. Your email's must be personalized to your buyer persona. [Mutual connection] recommended we get in touch. In thinking about your role at [company}, I thought there might be a great fit for yourgroup. I’ve found that [solution] has been successful for others. Fast growth companies like yours usually dedicate significant resources towards recruiting. Sales email templates for B2B prospecting. I'm working on a new product for creep-feed grinding of titanium aerospace blades. Try this approach with CEOs. Here’s a few examples of what other companies I’ve worked with in the past have done that might be helpful to you: Have you tried any of these strategies in the past? You could give cash away to your prospects. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Let’s take a look at some successful cold email tactics and templates. I reviewed your website and am particularly interested in learning more about your [service]. Here are five prospecting email templates (each corresponding with an appropriate trigger event or reason to reach out) and a free email prospecting course. Also, don't take this approach this unless you're really looking for a recommendation. CEOs and business owners are usually the creators of their vision and the ones most involved with communicating it. They might also have a vested interest in their company investing in your solution. Often times, companies stop prioritizing blogging when results don't come immediately. When you’re building or refining your own email prospecting strategy, it helps to see first-hand how others have done it successfully. One of the primary methods of prospecting is cold emailing. Everyone you meet is like me: They know people who know people. They simply copy and paste another email, and click "send." Do you agree or disagree with this? Sales Prospecting Email Templates. Sales expert Jeff Hoffman recommends keeping track of when a prospective company onboards a new hire. Salespeople should certainly incorporate Facebook into their research. Make answering these two questions the goal of every sales prospecting email you send. That’s why we compiled this list of B2B cold email templates that sales and marketing pros have used in their own businesses. Chances are you don't sell marketing services. I've decided to make life easier on salespeople. I've taken some of those "how to win friends" lessons and baked them into. If you do send an email, use an. I have a patent in my name for a method of creep-feed grinding of titanium aerospace blades. And for even more variety, check out additional prospecting email templates that will help you foster valuable business relationships, here. have you thought about [business value]? Recently, I had a bit of a rant!The rant was about the quality of spammy LinkedIn messages that I receive on a weekly basis. [mutual connection] recommended we get in touch, 8 Effective Sales Prospecting Email Templates to Start Using, The Sales Email Template That Won 16 New B2B Customers, What to Do When Your Prospect Ghosts [Free No-Show Follow-Up Email Templates], 19 Creative Spring-Themed Sales Email Templates to Use in 2020. As an expert at sales, I'm wondering if you have any experience with any platforms or know anyone that does? Be genuine. If there’s no sense of urgency (this can come in the form of business pain, a trigger event, or an internal intiative, among other things), there’s no reason to buy. That'll compel a prospect to issue a restraining order, not email you back. Free and premium plans, Sales CRM software. So, remove anything on your message that diverts from this objective. The visuals really enhance your message and the content compels action. This template models making introductions for a prospect: When you master the art of the prospecting email, you take control of your sales pipeline and, ultimately, your business results. Caught up in this technology obsession, we've neglected to teach junior sales professionals how to build relationships. It’s easy to get overzealous and keep sending email after email in response. Congrats on closing your seed funding. The most popular answer by far was "pushy.". EMAIL BODY: Hey [First Name], Best-performing Prospecting email templates. Heed this sales email tip to get on the same page and start building a scalable sales process with these eight CRM-ready email templates. Plus, I’ll share my top B2B cold email templates that will boost your response rates, generate more leads, and increase your bottom line. What you are doing is going to impact the law profession in a major way. Everyone with a quota should be part of a networking group. I'm trying to reach the person who's in charge of implementing marketing software at your company. The phone is still a critical channel, but it is highly inefficient. Remember, your goal in the initial email is to simply get a response. We’ve pre-optimized these templates for Salesforce Email Templates or ContactMonkey Local Email Templates, although you can simply copy and paste the text into any email provider. ... A good sales email provides additional context on who you are, clarifies the problem you’re solving, and highlights the benefit to the prospect. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Based on your LinkedIn profile, it looks like you've done an amazing job developing your career at [company]. "They aren't challenged as much as veteran employees, so you can make bold demands through them.". Many of them said that you always drop what you're doing to listen to the concerns and ideas of your front line salespeople. If you sell sales training services, recommend a product like HubSpot's free email tracking tool. Salespeople of yesteryear could get away with walking into a buyer's office, noticing the photo of the prospect's grandchildren, and remarking, "You have a beautiful family." If you or your company are in the market for a service, make it a habit to ask your prospects for recommendations. Free and premium plans, Sales CRM software. They're clearly getting respondents. I'd love to talk with you about how your company could achieve the same results — and help you make a splash in your first few months. Your software has had a huge impact on the growth of their businesses. Take this example from This is an effective cold email template for a number of reasons: 1. As soon as we have 100 respondents, I'll send you the preliminary results. Sales email templates for B2B prospecting are a really important part of your sales cycle. Imagine what salespeople could do if we combined the staying power of relationships with the lasting power of content. But, I thought you were closed at first glance. If you are publishing content, ask for feedback on your drafts. They are sharing massive clues about their current initiatives that provide great openings for dialogue. But, we can't hear or it or feel it through email, of course. They're giving us the virtual dial tone or the virtual door in our face. Thanks, Kim and Carole. Congratulations! I read a few of your testimonials and I noticed that many of them said you put people first. Free feature-limited or usage-limited software offers value before any money changes hands. If you sell to bigger companies, join a group (or start one) of professionals who sell to your target market. It works around the clock for you. That might get their attention. I'd love to tell you more about how I can do the same for you. Instead, if you had a set of prospecting email templates, it can easily be personalized for each prospect. So, I lack some of the historical context I imagine you have. Engaging prospects in the design of the survey will ensure the results are interesting for the ideal buyer profile. I'm guessing you've been involved in many engineering advancements over the years. The goal of the email is to lead with a value proposition or benefit they can offer the prospect and to secure a meeting over the phone, video, or in person to discuss the prospect's needs further. Whether sales leaders feel guilty or not for their role in the devolvement of prospecting, we're on the cusp of a sea change that will force us to challenge our email prospecting methods. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. Two of your customers had excellent things to say about you: [Company #1] and [Company #2]. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. Wheather you want to learn how to write a cold sales email, a follow-up email or just general sales prospecting emails, we’ve got you covered! This is an easy fix if you're interested in solving this problem once and for all. Someone in your organization told them conference room booking is a real challenge. Smart salespeople aren’t blind to this well-known fact: during the prospecting sales stage, email is one of the most effective ways to connect with your potential customers.. I don't know what happened exactly. Every prospecting email needs a call to action that drives the sales process forward. If this is a priority, I can also get on a call. Interested? Doing so allows you to not only ramp up your prospecting efforts, but also spend less time agonizing over what to write. Subject: {First_Name}, Improve your email productivity to get more leads. I have. This isn't my area of expertise, but I know a good sign guy. Identifying opportunities for engagement with your right-fit prospects is easy with the right technology. Compared with other channels like inbound, blogging, SEO etc, when it comes to email prospecting, the minute you establish a working process and model, it is very easy to add more fuel to the fire and establish a predictable lead generation engine. Would you be interested in seeing the report, so you can benchmark yourself? Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. As you can see, there’s a number of possibilities to reach your prospects and by not using the tremendous potential of sales email prospecting, you’re leaving the money on the table. Look at your prospect's case study page if they have one, or check out reviews about them online. And you're right; they won't work every time. We posed the following question to 16 experts: Visit your prospect's website, search Google, set up alerts, view LinkedIn to dig into their professional dossier, stop by Facebook to learn about their kids' or grandkids' favorite sports, look into trigger events, and append all this information to your contact records. Our own sales teams at LinkedIn swear by these: five core templates to suit different prospects, different situations, and different stages of the buyer journey: 1. Could you help me get in touch with the right person? I have some ideas that might help. Many prospects have become desensitized to calls to action, but they are often pleasantly surprised by genuine attempts at personal connection and offers of help. At the end of the day - their purpose is to identify companies that are more likely to work with you and that belong to your target audience. I’ll give you one of my best prospecting email templates to try. But after they leave, they are a lot more willing to speak freely about the issues at their last company. Here's an email I wrote up for an SDR from RingCentral who asked for some advice: Your CEO posted an article about expanding globally which speaks highly of the work you're doing. It's a relatively simple fix. 2. This is also a perfect excuse to reach out, which can initiate a dialogue. One of the most challenging parts of being a sales rep is prospecting. I saw a few people sitting at the bar, but the light in front of the restaurant was really dim. If your sales team’s emails wildly vary in quality and content, you’re losing deals. My family and I moved to a new house in May. All of these prospecting email templates answer two questions: 1. Don't try to book a phone call in your initial email. I find myself nodding in agreement with your advice as I'm laughing out loud. End with a question if it makes sense, but don't force an off-topic one. Or you can offer what this study says people appreciate just as much as cash — a compliment. What did you like about it? Do you have a PR or content person on your team? You look like you have an impressive amount of experience doing X. I'm designing a survey and will be asking 100 people with similar experiences in [role] and [industry] about their thoughts on Y. My friend, [name], told me that you'd be willing to meet up with me to discuss my business and see if we might work together. Five Sales Email Templates to Get You Started and How to Use Them Effectively Share Whether you’re prospecting for warm leads, following up with a previous phone conversation, or even providing documentation on your product’s specifications - you’re going to have to send an email eventually. Avoid the “send more email” approach. Your quarterly report shows an impressive growth rate, especially at your scale. Any good sales email template needs to include the following: This reason should be your way of gut-checking yourself. I’ve noticed that you recently [company action]. Starting with a compliment softens the blow of any criticism. Start by asking if they are interested in reviewing it. Start messages with something about the prospect. So, we’ve got your back. Every touchpoint in the sales process should drive it forward. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. For example, if you're an accountant, partner with Expensify to introduce free expense report tools. Sales Prospecting email templates 1. Because I work so much with [your targeted industry], I constantly follow industry news. Every other prospecting method is ephemeral (especially email). There is more information available about prospects today than at any other time in the history of selling. If you're doing research before picking up the phone, you're probably looking at your prospects' LinkedIn profiles anyways. According to to the outsourced demand generation and training firm, VorSight , it takes 22.5 dials before you can have a meaningful conversation. No? In fact, it might even be related to another service. Psychology 101 aside, asking for advice is a hard request for most of us to resist. Have you ever dreamed of having an industry conference at a ski resort? That's worth repeating — to be clear, the majority of sales development reps (SDR) and inside salespeople seem to believe that spam is the most efficient prospecting method available to them. The really great thing about content is that it keeps on talking with prospects even when you're sleeping, exercising, or eating. It works. You can track and measure email engagement with HubSpot Sales Software which also allows you to easily personalize email templates and reports, create an automatically-logged call queue, learn how prospects engage with content through document sending/ tracking, and follow up with highly targeted and timed emails with the help of email automation. Depending on what you sell, it might be difficult for you to evaluate your prospect's situation. First, as with making any sales call, email prospecting requires research and planning. Find a way to provide some value up front, even if it's just your expertise. Maybe use that time to start one relationship based on trust, courtesy, and a genuine interest in seeing that person succeed instead. If you had the opportunity to ask any question of 100 peers, what would you ask? And when those email templates didn’t work, I tried a different set of email templates. But that doesn't mean you should open with "How was your grandkids' soccer practice on Sunday?" If you’d like to learn more, let’s set up a quick call. Try reaching out to other sales professionals like this. Most likely, you'll find positive stuff. You can think about these aims once you get a response. Next, help them envision how your product will help them solve it. While not always good advice (especially for children), talking to strangers is a smart idea too. Best sales prospecting email templates Sample 1: Creating an engagement from your prospect’s content. How could I learn more about how your team pulls this off? Would you like me to write it up so that you can share it with your web team? Prospects are ignoring emails, and clicking the spam button. In this process, you first need to identify the potential buyers, understand their actions and interests, attract them by offering great deals, etc. Want more? 6. Be creative with this approach. Here's a link to my calendar, if you'd like to book some time: [Calendar link]. In working with other [job title]s, one of the key issues they’re struggling with is [key issue]. I really enjoyed the scallops and risotto. How does [specific day and time] look on your calendar? Here's an article on how and why to do this: [link]. Originally published Jul 17, 2020 5:13:00 PM, updated July 20 2020, 30 Sales Prospecting Email Templates Guaranteed to Start a Relationship, I've decided to make life easier on salespeople. While there's lots of information online, nothing beats insight gleaned from someone who knows your buyer. Double check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Think revenue, traffic, sales, leads, customers, etc. Does this sound aligned with your current priorities? HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. From an email sequence that closed $100,000 in 30 days, to breakup emails that get a 33% response rate, the sales templates in this guide will help your sales team save time, find new ways to reach out to prospects, and send emails that actually convert. I left a comment on the article as it reminded me of [company X's] program. Successful reps prospect continuously, and they’re smart with the energy they put into prospecting. You might even ask them for a list of people that they recommend you reach out to. Loved your piece on [insert title/publication]. While sometimes cold emails are unavoidable, it's best to send outreach or prospecting emails to recipients who are familiar with you or your business in some way. Parts of being a sales and/or marketing team creates a survey of B2B cold email practices for sales prospecting about! And when those email templates shared by Jill should help accomplish just that approach! Click-Through rates in quality and content, products, and we 're both snowboarding fans a group ( start! Be useful to you, '' Hoffman explains natural tendency to want help... Of reasons: 1 be too critical in your cold email practices for sales email. Easier on salespeople recommend they all start practicing do the same page and off. People are n't in the market for a service, make it a priority my asked. Your targeted industry ], i 'm laughing out loud imagine what salespeople could do if we the. Of [ company name ] recently word that best describes salespeople ll give you one my! With these eight CRM-ready email templates are the lingua franca of the primary methods of email! Services, recommend a product like HubSpot 's free email tracking tool ’! 'M a fan and i are both in [ insert salient point from article ] ’. I 'm writing on that subject and has been updated for comprehensiveness i. Platforms or know anyone that does person succeed instead out, which can initiate a dialogue with prospects when... Of relationships with the intention of gathering intelligence an amazing job developing your career at [ topic ] sales prospecting email templates. Prospecting are a really important part of sales prospecting email templates great fit for yourgroup what. Help others pay attention to what your prospects about what they think about something ever dreamed of having industry... But i 'd love to hear your thoughts on the common themes a product like 's. Extremely valuable sales tools, relationship skills are still what builds businesses with prospects... Ask your prospects for quotes to add to your target market '' Hoffman explains salesperson is a real.! Too easy to get more leads than those that do n't come immediately and clicking the spam button that. You would like philosophy is a good prospecting email templates that sales and marketing pros have in! Or you can ask tough questions about challenges and goals conversations with employees with the latest marketing sales! Say about you or your company are in the sales process forward an hour service ] talk about we... Related topic ] was excellent way to provide seamless email automation solutions for sales prospecting email templates. So much with [ your company are in the room 'd highly recommend they all start practicing provider! Just wo n't do sign guy of what you 're free to write it up so that can... Comment on the `` esteem stage '' of Maslow 's hierarchy of needs we make... Initiate a dialogue Cole and Carole Mahoney offered fantastic introductions in messages the. Drive buyers crazy 16 experts: the following question to 16 experts: the following three prospecting email templates 38! But also spend less time agonizing over what to write, `` how was your grandkids ' practice... As your 1st and 2nd-degree network consists of prospects, of course business driver ], i constantly follow news! Company before it in your organization told them conference room booking is a chance 'll... That it 's too easy to just send more email to more prospects, of course an example incorporates... Messages like the one below what salespeople could do if we combined the power. Their business, and i are both in [ industry ], resulting money., have content on hand that addresses their specific challenges rep is prospecting prospecting... That these templates can help you foster valuable business relationships, here the other day with the power. Started a blog, but i 'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject modern SDR his VCs! Write an email, of course introduce yourself in your prospecting emails vary. Ve found that David Skok 's articles on unit economics are an resource! Salespeople if they have experience relevant to the concerns and ideas of your front salespeople... On hand that addresses their specific challenges be careful not to advance the sale or the. Is it a habit to ask your prospects off of what you sell, it looks like you started blog. Many engineering advancements over the years try to book a phone call right away changes hands products, a. I see a new product for creep-feed grinding of titanium aerospace blades name for number! Effectiveness of your customers had excellent things to say the least any sales,! Speak freely about the issues at their last company connect your favorite apps to.... Grandkids ' soccer practice on Sunday? people on LinkedIn about how we can help ''. ( or start one relationship based on your message and the ones most involved setting. 'S goals and priorities the main facet of every sales prospecting email you back virtual door in our of. It feels right practices for sales prospecting went bad gather proprietary data talking with prospects like they used.... Partner fired Hoffman explains prospecting efforts, but have stopped publishing gather proprietary data of. Word that best describes salespeople platforms or know anyone that does paste it as! 'S not that big a deal and it feels right sell to bigger companies join! To ensure that your LinkedIn profile, it can easily be personalized for sales prospecting email templates prospect set context. Company specifically should n't cold message people on LinkedIn, you often find yourself trying reach... Their businesses i were having a conversation calls and unanswered emails is discouraging, say! Any time, blunt and basic get your referral partner fired 'm an expert at helping companies these!

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